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Cyclone Michaung

Context: Cyclone Michaung is the first cyclone to cross the Andhra Pradesh coast after cyclone Gulab which developed in September 2021. About Cyclone Michaung Naming of cyclone: Guidelines to adopt names of cyclones

‘Ghol Fish’ – State Fish of Gujarat

Context: The black-spotted croaker, or the ghol fish — considered a fisherman’s lottery — was declared the state fish of Gujarat. Why Declare a State Fish? About the Ghol Fish

Areca Nut – Explained

Context: Dried areca nuts, which attract 100% import duty the legal way, have been smuggled in from Myanmar over the past few years. Mizoram’s farmers are battling to protect their livelihoods from this threat. Areca Nuts Climatic Condition Varieties of Betel Nut: In India […]

Adani Ports

Context: On average, an Adani port every 500 Km of coastline; these handle 24% of all cargo, Government share dips. At least two officials and a former regulator flag concern over market concentration in the last 10 years. Adani ports Mudra Port Risk associated […]

North Koel Reservoir Project

Context: Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has given approval to the proposal of Ministry of Jal Shakti to complete the balance works of North Koel Reservoir Project at a revised cost of Rs 2,430 crores. About the North Koel Reservoir Project About North Koel […]

Tea industry

Context: Tea industry in acute financial crisis, says Indian Tea Association in a report.  About Tea Plantation Tea is a globally popular beverage that is cultivated in a variety of climates, with different types of tea requiring specific growing conditions. Tea Growing States Of […]

Madras HC dismisses PIL petition against Kudankulam project

Context: The Madras High Court has dismissed a public interest litigation (PIL) petition filed in 2017 against the first pour of concrete for units 3 and 4 of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) without complying with norms on restricting the population growth in […]

A sinking town in Uttarakhand: Joshimath

Context: Eight renowned institutions in India conducted independent investigations to uncover the factors contributing to land subsidence in Joshimath, Uttarakhand. Their findings suggest that seismic activities, construction deficiencies, population density, inadequate drainage systems, and various other factors are ‘potential’ contributors to the sinking of […]

Irrigation in focus as India moves towards driest-ever August

Context: News reports and weather experts say that India might be facing its driest August in 100 years. As of Sunday, India had received 7% less rainfall cumulatively this monsoon compared to the long period average (LPA). This situation is expected to get worse. […]

Can small modular nuclear reactors help India achieve net-zero?

Context: The world still depends on fossil fuels for 82% of its energy supply. The recent uptick in coal consumption in Europe, despite the increase in solar and wind power, suggests that reliable, 24/7 low-carbon electricity resources are critical to ensure the deep decarbonisation […]

Demographic transition and change in women’s lives

Context: India’s population has skyrocketed from 340 million at Independence to 1.4 billion, thanks to improved public health and medical advancements. This unexpected decline in mortality has transformed the lives of Indians, especially women, as they navigate longer lifespans and the consequences of fewer […]

Master Plan for Urban Areas

Context: India’s G20 Sherpa, stressed at a recent Urban-20 City Sherpas’ meet that a master plan is crucial for any city to manage urbanisation.  About Master Planning Significance of Master Planning Challenges Way forward The Advisory Committee of Niti Aayog recommends a National Council […]

Pokkali System

Traditionally, the coastal wetlands in many parts of India have been used for sequential paddy-fish cultivation under different forms of institutional structures. In Kerala it is called Pokkali. In the recent years there’s a decline in Pokkali cultivation. Challenges faced: A shortage of skilled […]

Warmer Arabian Sea behind more severe and frequent cyclones

Context: Behind extremely severe cyclone Biparjoy’s evolution is a gradual but undesirable change in the nature of the Arabian Sea: it was always relatively cooler compared to the Bay of Bengal in the north Indian Ocean. Why traditionally West Indian Ocean experienced less number […]

Oil reserves in salt caverns: The potential in India

Context: Government-owned engineering consultancy firm Engineers India (EIL) is studying the prospects and feasibility of developing salt cavern-based strategic oil reserves in Rajasthan, in line with the government’s objective of increasing the country’s strategic oil storage capacity. What are strategic petroleum reserves (SPR)? Locations […]

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