Differentiate the causes of landslides in the Himalayan region and Western Ghats.

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12 percent of the land area in India is prone to landslides (according to NDMA) and two areas majorly contribute to maximum instances, Himalayas and Western ghats. The year 2021 was marked by extensive events of devastating landslides occurring in both these regions.


  • While the overall causes of landslides (geological, physiological, climatic and anthropogenic) remain the same overall, their priority changes depending upon the region. 
  • The varying major causes of landslides in Western ghats and Himalayas in order of priority is as follows:
Western GhatsHimalayas 
Leading cause is unimpeded mining activitiesLeading cause is active plate tectonics causing frequent earthquakes.
Protracted high intensity rainfallHimalayas being young fold mountains have vast unconsolidated and loose sediments.
Deforestation and road construction activities Extensive anthropogenic interference, as part of developmental activities


The causes behind landslides might vary from region to region, the increasing imprint of anthropogenic interference is clearly visible both in Himalayas and the Western Ghats. In this regard, it is time for all the mountain states to take steps (for example: Implementation of draft Kasturirangan notification) to conserve these resource rich biodiverse regions.

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