Discuss the meaning of colour-coded weather warnings for cyclone prone areas given by India Meteorological Department.

Sample Answer


In order to strengthen the early warning system and reduce potential damages due to cyclonic winds, IMD follows a special matrix to decide the colour of weather situations. 


It is based on the probability of occurrence of the event as well as its impact assessment. The decision of the colour also depends on the meteorological factors, hydrological factors, geophysical factors that indicate the risk.

Colour codeMeaning
Green• All is well.
• No adverse weather conditions.
• No advisory issued.
Yellow• Be aware.
• Severely bad weather may span across several days
• Warning of affecting daily activities.
Orange• Be prepared.
• Warning of extreme damage to communication disruptions.
• Sign for evacuation and keeping the basic necessities ready for families.
Red• Take action.
• Threat to life with the worst weather conditions.
• Measures are taken to handle the situation along with the help of disaster management response teams.


These warnings are mainly meant for administrators to keep ready and position their resources to handle situations arising out of weather-related disastrous events.

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