Vulture population in India

Recently, as many as 246 vultures were spotted in the first­ever synchronised survey conducted along the borders of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

  • The estimation was carried out in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) and the adjoining landscape consisting of the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve (STR) in Tamil Nadu, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (WWS) in Kerala, the Bandipur Tiger Reserve (BTR) and the Nager hole Tiger Reserve (NTR) in Karnataka.
  • A total of 98 vultures were seen in MTR, two in STR, 52 in WWS, 73 in BTR, and 23 in NTR.

About Vultures

Varieties of vultures found in India: 

India is home to 9 species of Vulture namely

Vultures        IUCN Status  
Oriental white-backed VultureCritically endangered
Long-billed VultureCritically endangered
Slender-billed VultureCritically endangered
Himalayan griffon vultureNearly threatened
Red-headed VultureCritically endangered
Egyptian vultureEndangered
Bearded vultureNearly threatened
Cinereous vultureNearly threatened
Eurasian GriffonLeast concerned


• They act an important function as nature’s garbage collectors and help to keep the environment clean of waste.

• Vultures also play a valuable role in keeping wildlife diseases in check.


• Diclofenac is a common anti-inflammatory drug administered to livestock and is used to treat the symptoms of inflammation, fevers and/or pain associated with disease or wounds. • Diclofenac leads to renal failure in vultures damaging their excretory system (direct inhibition of uric acid secretion in vultures).

CONSERVATION: The Ministry for Environment, Forests and Climate Change launched a Vulture Action Plan 2020- 25 for the conservation of vultures in the country. To upscaling conservation four rescue centres will be opened like Pinjore in the north, Bhopal in central India, Guwahati in Northeast and Hyderabad in South India.

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