Temperate regions are traditional areas of commercial cattle rearing but many also kept in tropical grasslands or Savanna of Africa, South America and Australia. With few exceptions, for ex in Southern Africa and northern Australia cattle rearing in these regions is generally poorly developed and financial returns are poor. Reasons are as follows.

Climate and vegetation 

  • Unevenly distributed rainfall- frequent floods and droughts.
  • While during dry season grass, water shortage.
  • Savannah has coarse tall grass and scattered trees, Xerophytic shrubs unpalatable.
  • Solutions: irrigated pastures for both food and pastures.

Cattle breed:

  • Quality of tropical breeds is less than that of temperate breeds.
  • Solution: Cross breeding.


  • Cattle in tropics are prey to wide variety of pests and diseases. Locust attack destroys vegetation and deprives the cattle of pasture.
  • Solution: through better veterinary services, quick action in case of outbreak and education.

Traditional farming practices:

No selective breeding, overgrazing of pastures, no modern technique of cattle rearing but nomadic herding, Over stocking because of societal significance of cattle as wealth and status.

Capital for development:

  • Cattle ranching and rearing if done properly is extremely capital intensive.
  • Tropical areas (mostly affected by colonialism) lack wealth.
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