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Success of conservation of Kiwis in New Zealand

Context: Conservationists have registered the first wild birth of two brown kiwi chicks in New Zealand in 150 years. This is being noted as a major success of conservation efforts. About KIWIS Distribution of Kiwis Threats to Kiwis

Climate Vulnerable Forum

Context: Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed has said that Indian companies must invest in clean energy projects in ‘climate vulnerable’ countries. What is Climate vulnerable forum?  Establishment: Members: African & West Asian region: Asian & Pacific region Latin America & Caribbean region

Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary

Context: Hearing a plea concerning encroachment and non-forest activities in the southern ridge forest, the Delhi High court was told by amicus curiae appointed in the matter that Delhi’s government’s forest department is going to organize a “cyclothon and walkathon” inside Asola wildlife sanctuary. […]

What is rat-hole mining?

Context: Efforts to rescue 41 workers trapped in the collapsed Silkyara-Barkot tunnel have faced setbacks. Now having tried several methods, the rescue team is now planning to drill through the remaining few meters using the practice of rat-hole mining. Rat Hole Mining Why Prevalent […]

MANGROVES: Significance & Protection

Mangroves are salt-tolerant plant communities found in the intertidal zones in tropical and sub-tropical zones of the world.  Ecological adaptations of Mangroves Global distribution of Mangroves Distribution of Mangroves in India About Sundarbans Importance of Mangroves Challenges to Mangroves Initiatives for promoting Mangrove. Mangroves […]

CoP28 turns attention to potent Methane emissions

Context: Climate talks often revolve around reducing the most dangerous greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2). In the CoP28 meeting to be held in Dubai next week, along with CO2, the likely attention will be diverted to powerful heat-trapping emissions by Methane.  About Methane: Sources: […]

Composite Water Management Index 

Context: As per reports NITI Aayog is planning to discontinue its key report i.e. ‘Composite Water Management Index’. In place, it is mooting the idea to bring some new indexes with wider coverage. What is Composite Water Management Index? Aim Indicator themes and weights […]

Nitrogen Dioxide Pollution

Context: The surge in nitrogen dioxide levels witnessed in certain areas of Delhi might be attributed to the increased Diwali-related traffic, exacerbating the city’s air pollution challenges. The recorded levels were four times higher than the National Ambient Air Quality Standards recommended 24-hour limit […]

Artificial Rain or Cloud seeding

Context: Delhi is planning to induce artificial rains to tackle the rising air pollution. Brief about cloud formation Cloud Seeding Techniques of cloud Seeding According to the ScienceDirect, cloud seeding techniques can be divided into two categories: 1. Hygroscopic cloud seeding aims to accelerate […]

Green Cracker & Supreme court Judgement

Context: In 2018, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research launched less noxious and less noisy ‘green’ crackers, whose use is mandated by various statutory bodies. Green Cracker Identification of Green Cracker Types of Green Cracker Supreme court judgement

Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Project

Context: The long-delayed Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Project on the border of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam suffered its latest setback after a large part of the hill collapsed into its reservoir. The deposits blocked the only functional diversion tunnel and stopped the flow of water […]

National Efficient Cooking Program & Energy Efficient Fans Program (EEFP)

Context: Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has launched National Efficient Cooking Program (NECP) and Energy Efficient Fans Program (EEFP). These initiatives are aimed at revolutionizing cooking practices in India and emphasizing on the importance energy efficiency.  About National Efficient Cooking Program Significance of the […]

‘Maoists’ open fire at Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Context: Forest officials of Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary (Kerala), have reported an incidence of firing by suspected Maoists. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary Location: Drainage: Biodiversity: Flora and Fauna : The presence of Malabar Slender Loris with other five primate species is one of the main highlights […]

India’s Green Hydrogen move may worsen pollution

Context: India’s green hydrogen move may worsen pollution if steps are not in place, says study. Green Hydrogen Green Hydrogen Standard National Green Hydrogen Mission Objective- “To make India the Global Hub for production, usage and export of Green Hydrogen and its derivatives.”  Key […]

Death Valley National Park

Context: A sprawling temporary lake at Badwater Basin salt flats, caused by flooding from Tropical Storm Hilary, at the Death Valley National Park in California. The storm delivered a year’s worth of rain to the valley, which is the hottest place on the Earth, […]

ATR panel assesses progress of tiger rewilding project

Context: Tasked by the Chief Wildlife Warden, a committee visited the enclosure in the core of the Anamalai Tiger reserve (ATR) to assess the progress of the Forest Department’s first ever attempt at rewilding a tiger that was rescued as an abandoned cub. Rewilding […]

Effectiveness of suppressants to control dust

Context: In response to deteriorating air quality in Delhi, the Government has boosted public transport and used suppressants to control dust. About Dust Suppressants Types of Dust Control measures Effectiveness of Dust Suppressants

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Vapour Recovery system

Context: Central Pollution Control board has fined state-owned Indian Oil corporation and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited for not installing vapour recovery system at their petrol pumps. Central Pollution Control Board Functions Powers of Central Pollution Control Board The following are the powers of the […]

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