Tea industry

Tea industry

Context: Tea industry in acute financial crisis, says Indian Tea Association in a report. 

About Tea Plantation

Tea is a globally popular beverage that is cultivated in a variety of climates, with different types of tea requiring specific growing conditions.

  • Temperature: Tea plants generally thrive in moderate temperatures, ideally ranging between 13°C to 30°C (55°F to 86°F). While some varieties can tolerate cooler temperatures, prolonged frost can be detrimental to the plants.
  • Rainfall: Tea plants require a significant amount of rainfall, preferably distributed evenly throughout the year. Generally, tea cultivation requires an annual rainfall of around 1500 to 2500 millimetres (59 to 98 inches). However, certain varieties can thrive in regions with lower rainfall levels.
  • Humidity: Tea plants prefer areas with moderate to high humidity. High humidity helps in maintaining the moisture levels in the soil and promotes healthy growth.
  • Altitude: Altitude plays a crucial role in determining the quality and flavour of the tea produced. Higher altitudes, typically ranging from 600 meters to 2,100 meters (2,000 to 6,900 feet) above sea level, often produce superior tea due to cooler temperatures and increased cloud cover.
  • Soil: Tea plants prefer well-drained, acidic soils rich in organic matter. They can thrive in a variety of soil types, including sandy loam, clay loam, and laterite soils. Proper soil drainage is essential to prevent waterlogging, which can be detrimental to tea plants.

Tea Growing States Of India

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About Tea Board Of India

  • The present Tea Board set up under section 4 of the Tea Act 1953 was constituted on 1st April 1954.
  • Organisation of the Board: The present Tea Board is functioning as a statutory body of the Central Government under the Ministry of Commerce. The Board is constituted of 31 members (including Chairman) drawn from Members of Parliament, tea producers, tea traders, tea brokers, consumers, and representatives of Governments from the principal tea producing states, and trade unions .The Board is reconstituted every three years.
  • Office of Tea Board of India-Kolkata
  • Foreign Offices: Currently Tea Board has only one office located at Moscow. This foreign office of the Board is designed to undertake the various promotional measures to boost up export of Indian tea.

Practice Question

With reference to Tea plant, consider the following statement:

  1. Tea grow well in extreme temperatures.
  2. Rainfall required for tea plantation range from 150-250 Cm.
  3. Tea plants prefer well-drained, acidic soils rich in organic matter.

Choose the correct the statement

(A) 1 and 2

(B) 2 and 3

(C)1 and 3


Answer is B

Tea requires moderate temperature, ideally ranging between 13°C to 30°C

Source: The Hindu

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