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Farmers’ Producer Organisations (FPOs)

Context: In recent years, Farmer Producers’ Organisations have countered the challenge of fragmented holdings which prevent economies of scale and discourage investment in agriculture. What is the Farmers Producer Organisation (FPO)? How FPOs Benefit Small and Marginal Farmers? Initiatives for the Promotion of FPOs […]

National Turmeric Board

Context: The Government of India has notified the constitution of the National Turmeric Board.  Importance of Turmeric for India About National Turmeric Board  Nature: It is not a statutory body. Nodal Ministry: Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Membership: The Board shall have a  What […]

GI tag for the Cashew industry in Goa

Context: Recently, GOAN Cashew (Kernel) got the GI tag. About Cashew in India Global Production, exports of Cashew Nut Key climatic factors that affect cashew cultivation

Tea industry

Context: Tea industry in acute financial crisis, says Indian Tea Association in a report.  About Tea Plantation Tea is a globally popular beverage that is cultivated in a variety of climates, with different types of tea requiring specific growing conditions. Tea Growing States Of […]

6th Census Report on Minor Irrigation Schemes

Context: Ministry of Jal Shakti has released the 6th Census Report on Minor Irrigation Schemes.  About Minor Irrigation Schemes Benefits of Minor Irrigation Schemes  Minor Irrigation Census Highlights of the 6th Minor Irrigation Census

Spiralling Food Inflation

Context: A sharp increase in the retail prices of several crucial food items over the past one month — from the essential vegetables of tomato, onion and potato to the basic cereals of rice and wheat, tur dal, the commonest protein source in vegetarian […]

Why Cumin (jeera) prices are shooting up?

Context: Cumin (jeera) prices touched a new high of Rs 54,125 per quintal at the APMC mandi of Unjha in Gujarat, the price-setting market for the crop.  Past five year trend of Cumin (jeera) prices in India About Cumin seeds Growing conditions: As a […]

PUSA1885: New Variety of Basmati

Context: PUSA1121, a popular variety of basmati rice known for its aroma and long grains, and favoured by exporters, will no longer be recommended by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, a top official said. The unit of the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) […]

Pokkali System

Traditionally, the coastal wetlands in many parts of India have been used for sequential paddy-fish cultivation under different forms of institutional structures. In Kerala it is called Pokkali. In the recent years there’s a decline in Pokkali cultivation. Challenges faced: A shortage of skilled […]

World’s Largest Grain Storage Plan in the Cooperative Sector

Context: The Union Cabinet recently approved the constitution of an Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) to facilitate the world’s largest grain storage plan in the cooperative sector. The IMC is constituted under the Chairmanship of the Minister of Cooperation. It also consists of three other ministers […]

Demands for Legalisation of MSP Regime

Context: Ineffective implementation of MSP and ‘non-procurement’ of all the crops at the MSP is one of the main concerns of farmers. Such a scenario builds a strong rationale for giving ‘legal status’ to MSP as it is the floor or reference price. Present […]

Primary Agricultural Credit Societies

Context: The government said Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) can be employed as drone entrepreneurs for spraying fertilizers and pesticides and for a survey of the property. PACS will also be connected with the marketing of organic fertilizers, especially Fermented Organic Manure (FoM)/ Liquid Fermented Organic Manure (LFOM)/ Phosphate […]

Understanding Minimum Support Price (MSP)

Context: The Centre has announced a 5 to 10 % hike in minimum support prices (MSP) of all mandated Kharif crops for marketing season 2023-24. Minimum support price Objective: The major objectives are: Method of Calculation of MSP: The CACP takes into account of […]

Declining cotton production in India

Context: The farmers from Maharashtra have decided to cut the cotton crop area in the coming Kharif season and divert it to tur/arhar(pigeon pea). Production and yield of cotton for the last 5 years Year Acreage(in lakh hectares) Yield(Lint in Kg/ha) 2016-17 108.26 542 […]

Trend of Import of Oilseeds and Pulses

Context: There are two agricultural commodities in which India is significantly import-dependent: Edible oil and pulses. Imports of oilseeds has soared, while imports of pulses has reduced to a greater extend. Current status of oilseeds and pulses imports: Above charts show that imports of […]

52% of cultivated land has access to irrigation for first time: NITI Aayog

Context: For the first time, more than half of India’s cultivated land now has access to assured irrigation led by an expansion in micro projects, which have higher water-use efficiency, official data for 2022-23 show. Irrigation in India Related concepts and definitions: Cropping Intensity: […]

EU deforestation rule set to affect agri-exports from India

Context: The European Union’s approval this week of new deforestation regulations poses a threat to Indian exports of items like coffee, leather, paper and wooden furniture. What is the law? Issues: Conclusion EU Deforestation Regulation appears to use real issues of deforestation to promote […]

Farm Exports – The Big Picture

Context: Both agricultural exports from and imports into India have scaled new highs in the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2023. Provisional data from the Department of Commerce shows total farm exports at $53.15 billion and imports at $35.69 billion during 2022-23, surpassing […]

Sugar Industry

Context: The Indian government is concerned about El Nino’s impact on the upcoming monsoon and has imposed a virtual ban on sugar exports, allowing only up to 6.1 million tonnes. Sugarcane industry in India Distribution Sugar Industry Sugar can be produced from sugarcane, sugar-beet […]

Reimagining ration shops

Context: The Food Corporation of India (FCI) has procured over 20 million tonnes of wheat this season, with Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh contributing over 98% of the total to the central pool. Punjab is expected to be the largest contributor to wheat procurement […]

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