New NASA Space suit

NASA has upgraded its spacesuit for the upcoming Artemis III mission – NASA’s first attempt at landing astronauts on the moon since 1972. The new suit, called the AxEMU (Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit), will be more comfortable and designed to fit a broader array of body types and provide improved mobility.

Utility of Spacesuit:

Spacesuits help astronauts survive even in the harshest conditions of space and perform experiments and fulfil the objectives of their mission.

  • Spacesuits protect the human body from the extreme temperature fluctuations of space. In absence of an atmosphere, areas which receive direct sunlight become extremely hot whereas areas in the dark are frigid.
  • Spacesuits provide astronauts with a constant supply of air and optimum air pressure around their bodies.
  • Spacesuits protect astronauts from space radiation which can be extremely harmful, as well as micrometeorites and other particles moving across space, often at incredible speeds.
  • On the lunar surface, suits also protect astronauts from lunar dust. Much more abrasive than dust on the earth, it tends to corrode everything it comes into contact with and can potentially cause lung diseases.

Improvements made in the new spacesuit:

  • Increased mobility and specifically designed to deal with lunar dust.
  • Large clear bubble around the head provides a wider range of visibility as well as lighting, important to step into shadowed craters near the lunar south pole. The headpiece has a mount for a high-definition camera.

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