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Shutdown of the Afghan embassy in India

Context: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan announced the closure of its Embassy in Delhi. More about the news:  India’s Informal engagement with Taliban regime in Afghanistan India’s concerns with Taliban ruled Afghanistan Importance of cultivating relations with Taliban regime  Conclusion: 

Maldives elects Mohamed Muizzu as President

Context: Maldives has elected Mohamed Muizzu as President of Maldives. He will replace Ibrahim Solih as the President of Maldives. Mohamed Muizzu is seen as pro-China and has promised to remove Indian military personnel stationed in the country. About Mohamed Muizzu Concerns over the […]

Collaboration over Indus Water Treaty

Context: The Indus Waters Treaty (1960), or IWT, that regulates the Indus water courses between the two riparian states of India and Pakistan, is cited by many as an example of cooperation between two unfriendly neighbours for many reasons. Recent Development: Issues in Indus […]

New Visa Policy of The USA to Restrict Bangladeshis and its Impact on India

Context: The U.S. announced a new visa policy to support Bangladesh’s goal of holding free, fair, and peaceful national elections. About New Visa Policy Reason for the formulation of the US’s new policy Because of the authoritarian style of functioning of Bangladesh’s Prime Minister. For example:  Reaction of […]

Visit of Nepal’s PM to India

Context: During Nepal’s PM visit to India, both countries signed series of agreements to strengthen their bilateral relations. Outcomes of the visit: India Nepal Relations background: India and Nepal share close and friendly relations characterized by age-old historical and cultural linkages, open border and […]

Buddhism, India’s soft power projection tool

Context: There is much significance to India having hosted a two-day global Buddhist summit in New Delhi (April 20-21), which was organised by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the International Buddhist Confederation. The summit saw the participation of key figures from the […]

Rajnath, Maldives minister launch Delhi-assisted harbour construction.

Context: India and Maldives marked a major step in their growing defence cooperation by launching construction of a harbour for the Coast Guard of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF). In the light of these recent developments, we will look at the relationship between […]

Internal Chaos, External Crisis

Context: Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s visit to India  is bound to generate much media interest but will make little dent in the indifferent relations between the two countries. Any meaningful change in bilateral relations must necessarily wait until Pakistan has a domestic consensus on […]

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