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What is Genome Sequencing? – Applications & Significance

What is Genome? What is Genome Sequencing? Applications of Genome Sequencing:  Genome Sequencing Projects:  Human Genome Project IndiGen: Genome India Project: Need of GIP:  Significance of GIP: By unravelling genetic variants unique to India’s population groups, the project has the potential to: Important genome […]

Human Endogenous Retrovirus Subfamily H

Context: Studies published on Human Endogenous Retrovirus Subfamily H (HERVH), a virus-like gene that helps maintain pluripotency, suggest that it has the potential to develop regenerative medicines.  Process of Embryonic Development: Human Endogenous Retrovirus Subfamily H (HERVH):  Role of HERVH in Prevention of Transposon […]

Genetic Chimaeras

Context: In a recent study, scientists have reported successful generation of a live chimaera in non-human primates – species evolutionarily close to humans. This is the first time scientists have succeeded in producing a live infant chimeric monkey.  Genetic Chimaera Natural Chimaeras among Humans: […]

Wolbachia Method: Mosquito Program

Context: A continuous surge in the cases of dengue disease is a worldwide concern. Scientists claim that the Wolbachia Method can help curb the spread of dengue by 77%. Wolbachia Method

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Context: The Delhi Declaration during India’s G20 presidency saw a commitment to strengthen the global health architecture by building more resilient, equitable, sustainable and inclusive health systems to implement the One Health approach, enhance pandemic preparedness and strengthen existing infectious diseases surveillance systems. Another […]

India’s own CAR-T cell therapy: Cancer treatment

Context: The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has granted market authorisation for NexCAR19, India’s first indigenously-developed CAR-T cell therapy, to ImmunoACT, a company incubated by IIT Bombay.  What is CAR-T cell therapy? About NexCAR19:  CAR-T therapy vs other treatments:

Bat genomes can provide insights into immunity and cancer

Context: Bats can host a wide variety of pathogens, including ones deadly to other mammals, but they themselves do not get infected. Scientists have been curious about the source of this protection. Facts about Bats Bats as reservoirs of pathogens Bat genomes Natural Selection […]

CDSCO approves CAR-T cell therapy to treat blood cancer 

Context: The Indian firm ImmunoACT has received approval from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization for its CAR-T cell therapy NexCAR19. The therapy is the first of its kind to be developed in India and will be used to treat certain types of cancers […]

Pest outbreak threatens Cotton Crop

Context: The Pink Bollworm pest has infected the Cotton Crop in the states of Haryana and Rajasthan. Pink Bollworm What’s the issue? Bt Cotton:

Nipah virus outbreak: What are monoclonal antibodies?

Context: Recently, India reached out to Australia to procure monoclonal antibody doses to combat the Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala. The dosage has to be administered at an early stage of infection. What is an antibody? What is a monoclonal antibody? How do monoclonal […]

What is the Human microbiome?

Context: The microbiome research has gone from a ‘niche subject area’ to ‘one of the hottest topics in all of science’. Researchers have thrown light into the human microbiome — the community of microbes living in the human body. Human Microbiome: Benefits of Microbiome: […]

Hybrid Nanoparticles to target Cancer cells

Context: Scientists at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have developed a new approach using hybrid nanoparticles to potentially detect and kill cancer cells, especially those which form a solid tumour mass. The researchers have tested the nanoparticles on lung cancer and cervical cancer […]

Genetic engineering gives mosquito control an upgrade

Context: With insecticide resistance in mosquitoes rising to alarming proportions, it has become imperative that newer approaches to mosquito control gain prominence. Gene-drive technology is one such approach, which has been used in outdoor trials in India, Brazil, and Panama. Background: Restraining Mosquito Population […]

HC permits Stem Cell Therapy for two kids with autism

Context: In an interim order, the Delhi High Court allowed two children suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to undergo stem cell therapy for treatment of their condition.  Stem Cells and Stem Cell Therapy: Uses of Stem Cell Therapy: Status of Stem Cell treatment […]

Awareness Campaign Launched for Sickle-cell disease (SCD)

Context: The Tribal Minister of India launched a training session for an awareness campaign that’s part of the government’s mission to make India free of Sickle-cell disease (SCD) by 2047. Types of SCD Signs and Symptoms  Early symptoms of SCD may include: Treatment Case […]

Echolocation: A Revolutionary Navigational Technique

Context: In a recent development, engineers have harnessed the power of echolocation to create smartphone apps that generate room maps, greatly aiding individuals with visual impairments in navigating their surroundings more effectively. About Echolocation: Working of Echolocation Echolocation Practitioners 

Gene-edited mustard: Less pungent, more useful

Context: Indian scientists have developed the first-ever low-pungent mustard that is pest and disease-resistant. It is based on CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, and the crop is non-GM and transgene-free. Brief background on Oilseed production in India: Hence, given the massive foreign exchange outgo on account […]

Metagenome sequencing technology is transforming pathogen surveillance

Context: Genome surveillance offers essential insights for devising early response strategies, identifying emerging strains, and monitoring animal species. As a result, advanced genomic technologies like Metagenome sequencing are becoming a fundamental tool against future pathogens, enabling countries to be better prepared and respond effectively.  […]

Genetically Modified Mustard at the Supreme Court

Context: A long drawn PIL has prevented Centre from permitting Genetically Modified mustard to be cultivated commercially. GM Mustard It is an Herbicide Tolerant (HT) mustard variety that has undergone genetic modification. It has two alien genes —”barnase” and “barstar”; isolated from a soil […]

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