Olympic Charter Amended by IOC Session in Mumbai

Context: During the 141st session of International Olympic Committee being held at Mumbai (India) changes were introduced in the Olympic Charter, which will strengthen human rights commitments of IOC. The amendments were principally introduced in the Fundamental Principles of Olympism, which is a part of Olympic Charter and amendments to ensure freedom of expression of all competitors, team officials and other team personnel at the Olympic Games. India is hosting the session of IOC after a gap of 40 years (Last in 1983 in New Delhi). Prime Minister of India has announced India’s candidature for hosting Olympic Games in 2036.

About Olympic Charter

  • Olympic Charter is the codification of fundamental principles of Olympism and rules and bye-laws adopted by International Olympic Committee.
  • Olympic Charter was first published in 1908. However, some of the rules in the first Charter were written by Pierre de Coubertin in 1989.
  • It governs the organisation, actions and functioning of the Olympic Movement and establishes the conditions for celebration of Olympic Games.
  • It establishes the relations between International Federations, National Olympic Committees and Olympic Movement.

About International Olympic Committee (IOC)

  • IOC is an international NGO and Non-Profit Organisation headquartered in Lausanne (Switzerland).
  • It is the Supreme Authority leading the Olympic Movement and the catalyst for all Olympic family members.
  • IOC members, natural persons, are representatives of the IOC in their respective countries, and not their country’s delegate within the IOC.
  • It aims to encourage the promotion of Olympic values, to ensure regular celebration of Olympic Games and its legacy and to support all organisations affiliated to Olympic Movement.
  • IOC Session is the general assembly of IOC members. It is the supreme decision making body of IOC and its decisions are final. An ordinary session of IOC is held once a year. 
  • Executive Board of IOC is the executive body of IOC and overlooks the general responsibility for administration of IOC and monitors compliance with Olympic Charter. It comprises of IOC President, four Vice-presidents and 10 other members, all elected by the Session.

Inclusion of a sport in Olympics

  • The sports to be included in a particular edition of Olympics Games are decided by IOC Session from the among the sports governed by International Federations (IFs) recognised by IOC.
  • Only sports which comply with Olympic Charter, World Anti-Doping Code and Olympic Movement Code on Prevention of Manipulation of Competition are eligible to be included in Olympic Games.
  • However, the Organising Committee of a specific edition of Olympic Games may propose to IOC the inclusion, for such edition only, of one or more additional events from the sports governments by IOC Recognised IFs.
  • Thus, Los Angeles 2028 Olympics Organising Committee proposed inclusion of 5 games – Cricket, Flag Football, Lacrosse, Squash and baseball-softball. The Executive Committee of IOC has approved the inclusion of these games in the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028.
  • The IOC has given its final approval for inclusion of the above five games into the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028. Thus, enabling the inclusion of cricket for the first time in Olympic Games. The inclusion will only be for edition of Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028.

Q. Consider the following statements about Olympic Games:

  1. The session of International Olympic Committee is meeting for the first time in India in 2023.
  2. International Olympic Committee is the supreme decision making body of the Olympics Movement.
  3. The host country of Olympic games has power to recommend the inclusion of certain sports.
  4. Cricket has been included in Los Angeles Olympic Games.

How many of the statements given above is/are correct?

(a) Only one

(b) Only two

(c) Only three

(d) All four


Answer: (c)

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