Grene Robotics enhances anti-drone capabilities

Context: Hyderabad-based Grene Robotics has completed the successful acquisition of the C4ISRT platform from Apogee C4I LLP.

C4ISRT platform: 

  • C4ISRT stands for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting. 
  • C4ISRT platform is typically equipped with advanced sensors and communication systems that enables it to gather and process large amounts of data from various sources, such as satellites, radar systems, and ground-based sensors.
  • This data is then analysed to provide situational awareness and decision-making support to military commanders to make informed decisions in real-time.
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  • Indrajaal is India’s first indigenous drone defence dome designed and developed by Hyderabad-based technology R&D firm Grene Robotics. 
  • The drone defence dome has the capability to autonomously protect vast areas of up to 4000 sq. km per system against aerial threats by assessing and acting on aerial threats such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), loitering munitions, and Low- Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets, smart bombs, rocket showers, nano and micro drones, swarm drones etc. 
  • ANTI-UAV systems will not only provide protection to defence bases but will be beneficial for linear infrastructures like international borders against advanced weaponry.

Salient features of Indrajaal:

  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Integrated and Intelligent meshed network
  • Integrated all current weapons suite and infrastructure
  • Honeycombed cell structure for seamlessly built
  • Synergic combination of 9-10 technologies
  • 24×7 persistent and autonomous monitoring, action and tracking. 


  • By leveraging C4I’s deep-tech capabilities, Indrajaal will be able to detect and classify drones in real-time, provide unparalleled situational awareness and enable proactive air defence measures.

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