Green Cracker & Supreme court Judgement

Green Cracker & Supreme court Judgement

Context: In 2018, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research launched less noxious and less noisy ‘green’ crackers, whose use is mandated by various statutory bodies.

Green Cracker

  • Green crackers are defined by the CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR NEERI) as firecrackers with a smaller shell, no ash and/or additives such as dust suppressants to reduce emissions, especially particulate matter. 
  • These crackers do not contain the barium compounds that give them their distinctive green colour.
    • Barium is a metal oxide that pollutes the air and causes noise. 
  • Burning green crackers produces water vapour, which reduces the amount of dust emitted.
    • It reduces PM emissions by 30% as compared to conventional firecrackers.
  • Green firecrackers produce sounds between 110 and 125 decibels, while conventional firecrackers produce sounds of around 160 decibels, making them almost 30 per cent less noisy than conventional firecrackers.
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Identification of Green Cracker

  • Green crackers can be identified by the distinctive green colour logo of CSIR-NEERI and PESO and a Quick Response (QR) code.
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Types of Green Cracker

  1. SWAS (Safe Water Releaser): It releases water vapour into the atmosphere to reduce dust. It emits 30% less particulate matter and does not contain Sulphur or potassium nitrate.
  2. STAR (Safe Thermite Cracker): Contains no potassium nitrate or Sulphur, emits less particulate matter, and reduces sound intensity.
  3. SAFAL: It has minimal use of aluminum and more magnesium. It produces less noise than traditional firecrackers.

Supreme court judgement

  • In 2021, the Supreme Court had passed a slew of directions to ensure that banned chemicals are not used in crackers ahead of Diwali.
    • The bench had also clarified that there is no total ban on firecrackers and that only those firecrackers were banned that contained barium salts.
    • Green crackers are permissible following the directions issued by the Supreme Court in 2018.
  • In 2023, The Supreme Court clarified that its firecracker restrictions are applicable not only to Delhi-NCR but to all states.
    • It directed state governments to control air and noise pollution, addressing petitions seeking a nationwide ban on firecracker sale and use.
Source: The Hindu

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