Does the bio decomposer help? It’s all in the timing, say farmer in Capital

Context: The exercise of spraying the bio-decomposer began in the capital to curb the issue of stubble burning.

What is stubble burning?

  • Intentionally setting fire to the straw stubble that remains after grains, such as rice and wheat, have been harvested.

Why stubble burning is a big challenge?

  • It releases huge amount of pollutants and gases like no2, n20, co2, so2, ch4 and thus amounts to environmental pollution.
  • It impacts soil fertility because excessive heat kills the soil microbes, reduces soil moisture as well as destroys the nutrients.
  • It reduces visibility and thus affects free vehicular movement.
  • During the winter season its effects are more severe, The stable atmospheric conditions and northwesterly winds carry the pollutants towards Delhi.
  • It severely affects the health also, Various respiratory and cardiovascular diseases owe their origin to environmental pollution.

Why does stubble burning continue?

  • It is easy and cheap practice. It makes the field free from remains withing few days. Moreover, employing labor to clear the fields creates an unnecessary financial burden on the farmers.
  • Vote bank politics make the laws that ban stubble burning un-enforceable.
  • Farmers do not have many alternatives on ground level. Though many projects are going on but still they are far from accessible to farmers.
  • Lack of policy initiatives further aggravates the challenges.

About Bio decomposer

  • A bio decomposer is a living organism that breaks down organic matter into simpler substances, such as carbon dioxide, water, and minerals.
  • Bio decomposers can be bacteria, fungi, insects, or other animals. They play an essential role in the ecosystem by helping to recycle nutrients and keeping the environment clean.
  • There are many different types of bio decomposers, each with its own specialized role. For example, some bacteria break down dead plants and animals, while others break down waste products.
  • Fungi plays an important role in decomposing wood and other plant matter.
  • Insects and other animals help to break down organic matter by eating it and then excreting it as waste.

How to apply Bio decomposer in the field to curb Stubble Burning?

It is sprayed on the field post harvest, ploughed to mix the straw into the soil and lightly irrigated.

It can take 20-25 days for stubble to decompose.

Bio decomposers are used in a variety of ways, including:

Composting: They are essential for the composting process, which breaks down organic waste into nutrient-rich soil enrichment.

Bioremediation They can be used to clean up contaminated soil and water by breaking down harmful pollutants.

Here are some examples of bio decomposers:

Bacteria: Escherichia coli (E. coli), Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Fungi: Aspergillus Niger, Trichoderma Reese, Penicillium chrysogenum

Insects: Earthworms, termites, maggots

Other animals: Crabs, lobsters, snails

Current development and need of Bio-decomposer

As stubble burning in Punjab causing air pollution in Delhi and parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plains, an innovative intervention developed by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) holds promise.

About Pusa Bio-decomposer

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Benefits of Pusa Decomposer​

  • Easy to use.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Helps in maintaining soil health.
  • Replenishes organic content in the soil.
  • Can be sprayed easily.
  • Effective and proven results.
  • Helps in reducing pollution by solving stubble burning problem.

Bio decomposers are important for maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem. They help to recycle nutrients, break down organic matter, and clean up the environment.

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