What is the status of digitalization in the Indian economy? Examine the problems faced in this regard and suggest improvements.

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Government has been focusing on digitalisation of Indian economy for accelerated socio-economic development. Government has launched Digital India to accelerate India’s digitalisation.


Status of digitalisation:

  • Access to cheap high speed internet services (4G) through mobile telephony. (Over 84 crores)
  • Aadhar forms the basis unique identity for citizens (over 99% people have)
  • Shareable private space on a public cloud (Citizens can digitally store their documents, certificates etc.)
  • Emergence of Digital Public Infrastructure which enabled access to government services digitally
  • UPI platform for digitally and safe payments among different platforms.
  • OCEN Platform and Account Aggregators platform for easier credit disbursement to citizens and businesses.
  • GST platform for digital assessment and filing of tax returns.
  • UMANG Platform enables citizens to access e-government services of both Central and State governments.
  • ONDC platform has been initiated for democratisation of e-commerce sector.
  • OpenForge platform for open collaborative software development.
  • Concerns with India’s digitalisation
  • Digital divide to the detriment of rural areas, vulnerable language and less educated.
  • Lack of implementation of digital data protection law in India.
  • Concerns with cyber security and cyber frauds
  • Lack of access to broadband
  • Lack of domestic semiconductor industry in India and dependence on imports.


  • Suggestions for boosting India’s digitalisation
  • Invest in expanding digital infrastructure across the country.
  • Implement nationwide digital literacy programs.
  • Strengthen cybersecurity measures and awareness campaigns to protect users from online threats.
  • Encourage the growth of start-ups.
  • Promote digital payment solutions tailored to diverse user groups.
  • Collaborate with private sector companies to drive digitalization initiatives

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