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Appointment of Archakas in Agamic temples

Context: The Supreme Court issued an order maintaining the current state of affairs regarding the appointment of archakas (priests) in Agamic temples in Tamil Nadu. An association of archakas, had contested reforms introduced by the government, which were perceived as an attempt to alter […]

Yelagiri Hut Shelters

Context: More than two centuries ago, over 200 Malaiyali tribes built traditional clay huts on the flat peak of the picturesque Yelagiri hill in northern Tamil Nadu establishing an all-encompassing system for shelter, storage, farming, and cattle.  About Yelagiri Hut Shelters: About Malaiyali Tribe

Neolithic-era celt found in Tamil Nadu

Context: In Poothinatham village, Tamil Nadu, the Department of Archaeology made a noteworthy discovery from the Neolithic period. This find is an ancient celt, crafted from Doloraid stone, which had a dual purpose as both a plough and an axe. This discovery holds great […]

Buddhism as a tool of Soft Power

Context: Nepal, the birthplace of Siddhartha Shakya, known as the Buddha, holds immense historical and cultural significance for Buddhists worldwide. However, despite this rich heritage, Nepal’s role in global Buddhist congregations has been limited. This article explores the growing influence of India and China, […]

Harappan Civilisation

Context: A burial site has been discovered at Khatiya Village, in Kutch region, Gujarat. It is considered to be the largest pre-urban Harappan cemetery. About Khatiya cemetery Situated on the banks of the Gandi stream, which flows into the Great Rann of Kutch. Researchers […]

Economy of Imperial Chola

(1) Kudimai: Paid by cultivating tenants to government and landlords. (2) Opati: They were taxes levied by the king and local chiefs. (3) Iraikattina-nellu: Tax paid in kind. Types of Land During Chola Era Vellanvagai Land for non-Brahmana, peasant proprietors Brahmadeya  Land gifted to […]

Imperial Chola

Origin of Imperial Chola Emergence of Imperial Chola (Later Chola, Great Chola) Geographic extent of Imperial Chola Local Bodies under Imperial Chola Sabha’s membership during Chola period as per Uttaramerur inscription: All those who wish to become members of the Sabha should be owners […]

Rajput Kingdoms

Major kingdoms: Parmars, Chandelas, Solankis and Chahamanas Polity and Bureaucracy of Rajput Kingdoms: Revenue System of Rajput Kingdoms: Society and Culture of Rajput Kingdoms:

Important Inscriptions of Ancient India

INSCRIPTIONS RULERS Hathigumpha Kalinga ruler Kharavela. Junagarh (Girnar) Rudradaman (mentions that one of Chandragupta Maurya’s governors, Pushyagupta, was responsible for building a dam on Sudarshana Lake near Girnar) Nasik Inscription Gautami Balasari (gives detailed information about the Satavahana empire.) Allahabad Pillar (Prayag Prasasti) Issued […]

Important Literary Texts of Ancient India

TEXT AUTHOR KEY POINTS Panchatantra Vishnu Sharma Animal fables in Sanskrit Natyashastra Bharat Muni Treatise on dance, drama and music Buddhacharita Ashvaghosha Biography of Buddha Saundarananda Ashvaghosha Sanskrit poetry Ashtadhyayi Panini Work on Sanskrit grammar Mahabhasya Patanjali Work on Sanskrit grammar Harshacharita Banabhatta Biography […]

Dynasty and Their Founder of Ancient India

DYNASTY FOUNDER CAPITAL Maurya Chandragupta Maurya Pataliputra Shunga Pushyamitra Shunga Pataliputra Kanva Vasudeva Pataliputra Kushana Kadiphises I Purushapur (Peshawar) Gupta Sri Gupta Pataliputra Hunas Toramana Sailkot Pallavas Simhavishnu Kanchi Rashtrakutas Dantidurga Manyakheta Pala Gopala Munger Gurjara Pratihara Harishchandra Kannauj Chola Vijayala Thanjavur Satavahanas Simuka […]

Key Terms Associated With Ancient Indian History

Term Meaning Vish (Rigvedic period) Group of many villages headed by vishpati. Sabha (Rigvedic period) Tribal assembly with judicial functions Samiti (Rigvedic period) Tribal assembly Bali (Rigvedic period) Tax voluntary paid by the people Pautavadhyaksha (Mauryan period) Officer of Weights and Measures Sannidhata (Mauryan […]

Education in Ancient India

India has a rich tradition of learning and education right since ancient times, handed over generations to generations either through the oral or written medium. Evolution of Education System in Ancient India

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