Rulers of Gupta Period

Chandragupta-I (319 – 350 AD)

  • He assumed the title of Maharajadhiraja.
  • He married Lichchavi princess, Kumaradevi. His son and successor Samudragupta call himself Lichchavi Dauhitra i.e., son of the daughter of the Lichchhavi.

Samudragupta (350 – 375 AD)

  • According to Vishakhadatta, Samudragupta was succeeded by Ramgupta.
  • Ramgupta ruled for very short period.He was the only gupta ruler to issues copper coins.

Chandragupta-II (375 – 415 AD)

  • Chandragupta II was the next great emperor of Gupta empire after his father Samudragupta. He came to be known by his title Vikramaditya (Power of Sun).

Kumaragupta I (415 – 455 AD)

  • Certain gold coins of Kumaragupta I, prove that he performed the Ashvamedha sacrifice.
  • Bhitari pillar inscriptions reveals that last years of Kumaragupta I were seriously disturbed owing to the invasion of the Pusyamitras.

Skandagupta (455 – 467 AD)

  • Sudarsana Lake was repaired during his reign.
  • Skandagupta’s usual title was Kramaditya.
  • On some of his silver coins, he bears the more famous title of Vikramaditya as well.
  • In Kahaum inscription, he is called “Ksitipastapatih” or lord of hundred kings.
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