Babur and Humayun

Babur (1526-30 AD)

  • Founder of Mughal Empire in India. Was related to Timur from his paternal side and Chenghiz Khan through his mother.
  • Battle of Panipat (1526) between Ibrahim Lodhi and Babur led to death of Lodhi.  Babur’s success is attributed to use of gun powder and efficient cavalry.
  • Defeated Rana Sangha of Mewar (Battle of Khanwa, 1527), secured his position in Delhi Agra region.
  • Wrote Tuzuk-i-Baburi (Turkic language, Babur’s Mother Tongue), provides a vivid account of India and translated in Persian by Abdur Rahim Khanekhana and in English by Madam Bevridge.

Humayun (1530-40 AD) (1555-56 AD)

  • Succeeded Babur and was defeated by Afghan ruler Sher Shah in Battle of Chausa (1539). However, decisive loss was the Battle of Kannauj (1540) after losing which Humayun went into exile for 15 years. He was able to recover his empire in 1555 following the breakup of Sur empire.
  • His sister,Gulbadan wrote his biography Humayunama.
  • Built din Panah at Delhi as 2nd capital.
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