The US – China thaw

Context: In an attempt to foster greater cooperation and understanding, US and China have shown signs of willingness to engage in diplomatic dialogue.

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Outreach efforts by US

  • Recently the Director of CIA made a visit to China in order to stabilize the relationship and prevent a possibility of open conflict.
  • US National Security Advisor visited China in May 2023, to maintain channels of communication and ‘manage competition’.
  • At G7 meeting in Hiroshima, President Biden emphasizes that US is not looking to decouple from China but to de-risk and diversify its relations.

Instances of Conflict between US China

  • Antony Blinken called off a visit in February 2023 to China after Chinese high-altitude balloon appeared above US.
  • China is suspicious that QUAD is a mechanism to contain it in Indo Pacific.
  • The visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan in August 2022, further strained the relations between US and China.
  • Chinese side publicly stated that US led West wants to contain and suppress China.

US and China moving towards a detente

  • It will help in reducing tensions and pave the way for cooperation between them.
  • It is acknowledged that they possess the most formidable capacities globally and should commit to shape their policies in a manner that minimizes the likelihood of military confrontation with them.

India’s position in US China Dynamics

  • US and India have grown closer over a shared perception of China’s rise.
  • US sees India as a major partner in its endeavour to build a regional coalition against China.

Roadmap for India

India must develop a strategic approach to balance China by collaborating with the United States and other countries that share concerns regarding China, all while maintaining its own autonomy. It is crucial to clearly define the boundaries of this strategic alignment, determine India’s willingness to engage, and effectively manage expectations on both sides.

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