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China, U.S. and India absent at U.N.’s Climate Ambition Summit

Context : The Climate Ambition Summit (CAS) in New York, as part of the United Nations General Assembly, that concluded on September 21, was marked by the absence of major economies whose actions significantly influence the future of global emissions. China, United States and […]

Tharosaurus indicus

Context: Fossils of a plant-eating dinosaur Tharosaurus indicus from the Middle Jurassic period, found in the Thar desert near the Jaisalmer Basin by the Geological Survey of India. About Tharosaurus indicus

Project Cheetah

Context: The first batch of eight cheetahs from Namibia arrived on September 17, 2022, officially launching Project Cheetah, India’s cheetah introduction programme. An overview of the project as it completes one year. What is Project Cheetah? Present status: Why did the cheetahs die? There […]

No motorised boats in wetlands, NGT tells Madhya Pradesh govt

Context: The National Green Tribunal (NGT) criticized the Madhya Pradesh government for the significant damage to water bodies and issued an order to cease the operation of cruise vessels and other motor-powered boats in the Bhoj wetland. This directive was issued by the Central […]

Extinction Alert for Vaquita Porpoise

Context: The scientific committee of International Whaling Commission (IWC) has issued its first ever Extinction Alert for Vaquita Porpoise.  About Vaquita Porpoise About Gulf of California Reasons for decline in the population of Vaquita Porpoise

Legalising Cannabis Cultivation

Context: Himachal Pradesh government has proposed to legalise cannabis (hemp) cultivation in the State. About Cannabis (Hemp): Multiple uses of Cannabis:

Earthquake in Morocco : Causes

Context: According to the Moroccan Interior Ministry, a massive earthquake that struck central Morocco has resulted in at least 2,122 deaths and 2,421 injuries. Most affected province and cities are Al Haouz province and Taroudant, Agadir, Al Hoceima (Mediterranean port city). About Morocco Cause of earthquake in […]

Northern plains of India is the most polluted region

Context: The University of Chicago has published the Air Quality Life Index (AQLI) report for 2023. AQLI data emphasises that ambient particulate pollution poses the world’s greatest external risk to human health. Major Highlights: Air Pollution: Impacts of Air Pollution: Air pollution is one […]

Carrying capacity and Himalayan vulnerability

Context: Last month, a Bench headed by Chief Justice of India D.Y. Chandrachud had suggested that an expert committee conduct a “complete and comprehensive” study on the carrying capacity of the Himalayan region. What is the concept of “carrying capacity”? Factors affecting the carrying capacity of an ecosystem: Why Himalayan ecosystem is unique? Therefore, sustaining biodiversity in the region also means protecting the interests of the people. The region […]

Criminalising Ecocide

Context: Mexico is the latest country to consider passing a law to make ecocide a crime. About Ecocide Need for criminalising ecocide Global status of ecocide laws India and Ecocide Some Indian judgments have affirmed the legal personhood of nature by recognising rivers as […]

List of Highest waterfalls in India [Current Affairs]

Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena, attracting tourists and nature enthusiasts from around the world. They also play a significant role in local ecosystems, serving as habitats for many species. An understanding of the highest waterfalls in India, their locations, and […]

The stump-tailed macaque

Context: The Delhi Zoo has recently introduced a new animal species, the stump-tailed macaque, to its collection. About The stump-tailed macaque 

AQLI report on pollution shortening Indian lives

Context: The Air Quality Life Index (AQLI), estimates that fine particle pollution diminishes the average life expectancy of Indians by over five years. This comprehensive index, which links the longevity of individuals in over 200 countries to air quality, highlights that India is home […]

Reroute rail track through gibbon sanctuary

Context: The Hollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary has been split in two by a railway track running through it. The presence of the railway track splits the gibbons’ habitat and impedes their ability to move freely throughout the sanctuary area. Canopy Bridge Proposal Gibbon Habitat and […]

Global Biodiversity Framework Fund

Context: Representatives from 185 countries have officially agreed to launch a new fund to bolster investments in nations during the Seventh Assembly of the Global Environment Facility in Vancouver, Canada. Introduction to the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund (GBFF): Governance Structure of the Global Biodiversity […]

List of Important Lakes in India – You Must Know for UPSC

Lakes in India play a significant role in the country’s ecosystem by preserving biodiversity, providing drinking water, irrigation, and supporting livelihoods. From a UPSC Civil Services Exam perspective, understanding the geographical location, characteristics, and significance of these lakes is vital. Important Lakes of India […]

Protecting the Biodiversity of Northeast 

Context: In the recent case of Re: Cleanliness of Umiam Lake versus State of Meghalaya (2023), the division Bench in its order, stated that “In the absence of any other employment opportunities and in the name of promoting tourism, the natural beauty of the […]

Resisting Landslides 

Context: Severe monsoon floods in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have claimed over 60 lives, with heavy rains triggering landslides and causing widespread devastation. Landslide is rapid movement of rock, soil and vegetation down the slope under the influence of gravity. These materials may move […]

North Sea 

Context: U.K. Prime Minister recently backed plans for new fossil fuel drilling off Britain’s coast. About North Sea 

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