Write short notes on the following in 30 words each:

(i) Constitutional morality

(ii) Conflict of interest

(iii) Probity in public life

(iv) Challenges of digitalization

(v) Devotion to duty

Sample Answer

Backward linkageDefinitionForward linkageExample
Constitutional moralityIt requires values of tolerance and rule of law to prevail in society.Constitutional Morality is the adherence to the fundamental  principles and values of the constitution.It is important to promote the constitutional spirit of welfare, equity, fraternity etc. The Supreme Court allowed women to enter Sabarimala temple.
Conflict of interest Resolving conflict of interest requires objectivity, absence of negative emotion of greed and spirit of service.Conflict of interest occurs when there is a clash between interests and professional duties or responsibilities.It is important for impartiality, non-partisanship, probity and winning the trust of people.Delhi High Court quashed the appointment of 21 Delhi MLAs as secretaries to ministers to avoid conflict of Interest.
Probity in public life It requires the value of transparency, humility and emotional intelligence to understand a citizen’s perspective.Probity refers to following ethics in administration and being open enough to show the operation of ethics on administration to people and win their trust.It’s important for the trust and cooperation of people.Tough action against illegal sand Mining by IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal
Challenges of digitalization Challenges stem from inequality in society, poor infrastructure in remote areas and lack of spirit of service among others.Digitisation is online sharing of data like text, images, video etcIf the challenges of digitisation remain unresolved it will lead to rural-urban divide, absence of good and ethical governance and non-fulfilment of the ‘social-contract’.Learning outcomes decreased due to migration to online education during COVID-19.  
Devotion to duty Commitment and dedication.Strong feelings of loyalty, love, and admiration for the work.Increases the desire to exert more time, energy, and effort in carrying out his duty.Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam devotes his life to the service of nation.  

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