Why is the South-West Monsoon called ‘Purvaiya’ (easterly) in has this directional seasonal wind system influenced the region?

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Most parts of India receive Southwestern monsoonal winds in the months of June to September. However, these winds change their direction due to the presence of local factors.


Easterly winds in Bhojpur region: 

image 67

Impact on cultural ethos of Bhojpur:

  • Agriculture: The timing of the arrival of these winds is critical for sowing and planting crops like Paddy.
  • Festivals: Communities celebrate festivals like Hariyali Teej, Nag panchami etc in these months celebrating the arrival of monsoon. 
  • Rituals, Folk songs and dances: Many of the folk songs and dance mention their significance. E.g Kajari songs and Jhijhia dance.
  • Cuisine: types of crops grown in the region affect the local cuisine. E.g rice, wheat and various vegetables are used to prepare dishes like Peetha, litti chokha etc
  • Clothing and Lifestyle: Light, breathable clothing is preferred. Eg- saree, dhoti, kurtas.


Thus, these winds show the human-environment relationship in one of the most beautiful manners.

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