What was the difference between Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore in their approach towards education and nationalism?

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Approach of Gandhi and Tagore towards education and nationalism were unique and significant in nature.


Gandhi Outlook

  • On Education:
    • Basic education & Mass-Based Education (Wardha Scheme – 1937)
    • Besides learning,
    • Focus on 3H
      • H – Hand (Skills/Job-Centric Approach/Productive Crafts)
      • H – Heart (Moral-Purification)
      • H – Head (Spiritual-Upliftment)
    • Value based education system
    • Harmonious development of mind, body and heart
    • Focus on Vernaculars
  • On Nationalism:
    • Main expressions in the form of Swaraj & Ramrajya
    • Focus on secular spirit & religious universalism
    • Growth of nationalism in India was a result of cultural diversity, moral and spiritual progression.
    • No British Rule in this process

Tagore’s Outlook

  • On Education:
    • Dynamic & Unique Approach
    • Rejected conventional method of schooling system
    • Nature & Practice Based Learning Curriculum
    • More focus on analysis and interpretation
    • Expression in the form of institutions. Ex. (i) Shanti Niketan (1863), further developed into (ii) Vishwa Bharati (1921)
    • Adoption of thoughts according to present scenario
    • Environmental consciousness
    • Moral values
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Community & society-oriented awareness
  • On Nationalism
    • Two Aspects of Nation & Nationalism:
      • Visualised it beyond the national map
      • Visualised it from inside of national boundary
      • International humanistic concerns
      • Focus on ending discrimination & system of privileges
      • He himself writes “I am a poet of the world ….”
      • Promoting equality
      • This will bring forward shape of true nation


Due to its rich cultural diversity & amp; economic prosperity Indians also made significant progress in the fields of technology, literature, science & architecture etc.

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