What are the research and developmental achievements in applied biotechnology? How will these achievements help to uplift the poorer sections of the society?

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Applied biotechnology is biotechnology with an industry focus with an emphasis on practical skills in a variety of settings, such as industrial, food, agriculture, environmental, and healthcare.


  • Stem Cell Research: it might be possible to grow these stem cells in vitro, in a lab setting, and then implanted back into the affected individual’s body.
  • Human Genome Project: the researchers announced that they had completed a preliminary sequencing of the entire human genome.
  • Gene-editing methods: like CRISPR
  • Recombinant DNA: techniques are used to produce a number of medicines like Insulin, etc.
  • Waste management and reducing pollution: For example, Phytoremediation uses plants for the removal, degradation, or containment of contaminants in soils, groundwater, etc.
  • Disease diagnosis: For instance, RT-PCR is based on genetic amplification to detect the presence of viruses like Dengue, SARS, etc.
  • mRNA based vaccine is used to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies like IVF, Test tube babies, etc.
  • 3D Printed Organs: It has made it possible to artificially construct internal organs like heart, kidney, and liver.


As we have seen, many of the recent developments of biotechnology have helped in ensuring health, better identification and treatment of disease and ensuring better nutritional security for poorer sections of the society.

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