The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by our adversaries across the borders. to ferry arms / ammunitions, drugs, etc., is a serious threat to the internal security. Comment on the measures being taken to tackle this threat.

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With their capability to provide real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, UAVs have become a significant tool for militaries and non-state actors alike. Drones have been used by rogue elements for delivery of narcotics, arms, surveillance of critical infrastructure and even attack critical defence establishments.


To address the imminent threat from UAVs, various measures have been implemented:

  • Drone rules, 2021 have been framed by Ministry of Civil Aviation demarcating who can operate drones and no-fly zones for drones.
  • Advanced Surveillance and Detection Technology by deploying state-of-the-art surveillance technology, including radar systems, thermal imaging, and acoustic sensors, along borders to detect UAV intrusions. E.g., BSF has utilized ground-based radar systems for drone detection. 
  • Collaboration among various law enforcement agencies, such as the BSF, Indian Army, and local police, enhances the sharing of intelligence and resources for countering UAV threats. 
  • India has collaborated with neighbouring countries to address cross-border drone threats collectively. E.g., India bought SMASH 2000 anti-drone system from Israel.
  • With the launch of Digital Sky Platform drone operators are required to obtain necessary permissions and approvals, which helps in ensuring that only authorized drones are allowed to operate, reducing the risk of illicit drone activities.
  • Drone Detect, Deter and Destroy system (D4S) is the firstindigenously developed anti-drone system by DRDO which has the capability to detect rogue drones and instantly jam micro drones.


The combination of technology, legal frameworks, interagency collaboration, public engagement, and international cooperation underscores India’s holistic approach to safeguarding its internal security.

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