“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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This quote emphasizes the importance of taking concrete actions, rather than simply offering prayers and good intentions. It underscores the exponential impact of even the smallest gestures of goodwill – within and without.


Strengthens personal character: 

  • Small actions make us more empathetic and compassionate beings. (universal brotherhood).
  • Taking small steps develops courage, awakens conscience and expands our capacity for love (karma yoga). 

Uplifting Shared Morality: Small acts of kindness shape our collective humanity. It reinforces values of empathy, dignity, inclusion and social support in daily life for all citizens. E.g.,

  • ‘Elderline’ system to provide emotional support to senior citizens.
  • Free food langars run by gurudwaras that anyone can partake of.

 Significance in Public Policy: Mainstream inclusivity, promote equity, strengthen human potential in delivering justice, protect human right among others. E.g.,

  • Making railway stations disability friendly with ramps and accessible toilets.
  • Parental leave and childcare credits to support working families.

Role in private Corporations: Uplift communities, provide meaningful employment, promote diversity and empower people among others. E.g.,

  • Microsoft has brought in an Autism Hiring Program to drive neurodiversity and inclusivity in the workplace.


By internalising and spreading goodwill through action, we can build a just society founded on mutual care and compassion.

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