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A top-down code

Context: The central government has codified 29 labour laws into 4 labour codes but, labour legislation is under the concurrent list so the responsibility of framing the rules related to these codes lies with states but they have not framed the rules yet which […]

Tread a new path, one that prioritises social justice

Context: May 1 is widely known as the Labour Day, a day when we celebrate the contribution of workers worldwide. It is a moment of pride, celebration and hope. Three years after the COVID-19 crisis, followed by inflation, conflict, and food and fuel supply […]

Gig Workers

Context: Rajasthan government has recently announced the Rajasthan Platform-based Gig Workers (Registration and Welfare) Bill, 2023, which has stringent provisions against errant aggregators as well as various welfare policies. Gig workers Code on Social Security 2020 defines a gig worker as “a person who […]

Laboured movements

Context: Recently Karnataka and now Tamil Nadu have amended the Factories Act, 1948, to allow the introduction of 12-hour shifts, ostensibly to give large manufacturers greater flexibility to synchronise their production schedules with global supply chains. Positive aspects of a 12-hour shift Concerns related […]

Female labour force participation

Studies shows that Female labour force participation rate (FLFPR) exhibits a U-shape during the process of economic development. The downward trend in ‘U’ was due to rise in Household incomes because of expansion of markets and shift from farm activities to factory work. However, […]

Women Not In Job Market? It’s A Myth

Context: The 30 years of employment data in India collected by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) and the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) is analyzed to discuss a prevalent misconception about the Indian economy: the low participation rate of women in the labor […]

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