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India’s alarming ‘fixed dose combination’ problem

Context: A new study reveals that a huge volume of unapproved and even banned fixed dose combinations (FDC) of antibiotics are being sold in India. In 2020, 60.5% FDCs of antibiotics were unapproved and another 9.9% were being sold despite being banned in India. […]

Pompe disease

Context: India’s first patient diagnosed with Pompe disease, a rare genetic disorder, has passed away. About Pompe disease:  Symptoms of Pompe disease Diagnosis of Pompe disease Cure of Pompe disease Treatment of Pompe disease Cases in India: 

World Malaria Report 2023

Context: In India there was an estimated 30 per cent decline in cases and 34 per cent decline in deaths compared to 2021 according to WHO’s World Malaria Report 2023. Key findings of the report: About Malaria

Occupational Safety & Health

Context: In the wake of the incident Silkyara Tunnel collapse , the Central Trade Unions have urged the Union government to ratify the labour conventions. About Occupational Health & safety:  Key components of occupational health and safety:  Provisions for ensuring occupational safety in India:  Constitutional […]

Generic Medicines approved for Rare Diseases

Context: Health Ministry has made available generic drugs to support the care and treatment of four ailments: Tyrosinemia-Type 1, Gaucher’s Disease, Wilson’s Disease, and the Dravet-Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. About Rare Diseases: Rare diseases in India Government Interventions

AGNI Initiative of CCRAS

Context: CCRAS under Ministry of Ayush has launched AGNI Initiative to promote innovations by Ayurveda Practitioners. About AGNI Initiative About CCRAS

National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO)

Context: According to the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO), four out of five organ recipients in India between 1995 and 2021 were men. About NOTTO National Human Organ and Tissue Removal and Storage Network National Biomaterial Centre/ National Tissue Bank

Global Tuberculosis Report 2023

Context: Tuberculosis (TB) remains the world’s second leading cause of death from a single infectious agent, and global TB targets have either been missed or remain. The net reduction from 2015 to 2022 was 8.7%, far from the WHO End TB Strategy milestone of a 50% […]

Primary Health Centre (PHC)

Context: This editorial emphasize on ‘Ayushman Bharat Scheme’. The launch of this  flagship health program i.e. Ayushman Bharat, in 2018, the Indian government has consistently emphasized the importance of enhancing medical accessibility, particularly in rural areas. This initiative aims to transform 150,000 public health […]

QR Code on Food Labels to help visually disabled

Context: The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recommended the inclusion of QR code on food products for accessibility by visually impaired individuals under its Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Regulations 2020. About QR Code on Food Labels to […]

Osteoporosis: Explained

Context: World Osteoporosis Day is observed on October 20th each year. The day is dedicated to raising awareness of osteoporosis and related musculoskeletal diseases. A 2019 study revealed that India was the highest contributor to osteoporosis fracture-related deaths/disabilities worldwide.  About Osteoporosis Concerns Way Forward

Draft Menstrual Hygiene Policy

Context: A draft menstrual hygiene policy is out by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Need for Menstrual Hygiene Policy policy About draft Menstrual Hygiene Policy Vision Goal Target Objectives Policy strategy

What are Generic Drugs?

Context: The use of quality generic medicines holds plenty of promise to reduce the burden on the common man. However, India needs to ensure people have access to quality generic drugs.  About Generic Drugs Need for generic drugs Challenges to generic drugs Government Initiatives […]

Evidence-based Traditional Medicine

Context: Outrightly denying traditional medical systems would be a hasty dismissal of valuable medical experience and a disservice to the scientific attitude. India needs to work on evidence-based traditional medicine. The acceptability of traditional medicines in the scientific community would increase if evaluated by […]

Protocol for Identification and Management of Malnutrition in Children

Context: Recently, Union Minister of Women and Child Development (WCD), launched the first ever “Protocol for Identification and Management of Malnutrition in Children’’ by the government, which has been put into place by the WCD Ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and […]

Mental Health & Its Impact on Informal Work Force and Elderly

Context: The theme of World Mental Health Day (October 10) this year is ‘mental health as a universal human right’. Informal worker and elderly are segments often overlooked when it concerns mental health is the informal worker and elderly. Mental Health & Work Force […]

WHO approves use of malaria vaccine with adjuvant tech

Context: The World Health Organisation (WHO) approved the R21/Matrix­M malaria vaccine, which has been jointly developed by the University of Oxford (Jenner Institute) and the Serum Institute of India.  Technology Used : Recommending Authority Other Participants

Salt intake in India

Context: Indians are consuming more than the WHO-recommended amount of salt every day, 8 gm instead of 5 grams across all categories of people, according to a recent survey by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The study is based on a sample […]

Global report on hypertension

Context: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released its fir-ever report on the blood pressure (hypertension), also known as silent killer.  About hypertension Key findings of the report Key findings about India

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