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Tag: Effects of Liberalization on the Economy

PLI Scheme

What is a PLI Scheme? Key features of the PLI Scheme Sectors Covered under PLI Scheme (14 Sectors) PLI Scheme for IT Hardware Revised Scheme Analysis of the Scheme Benefits of PLI Scheme

EU norm threatens coffee, leather export

Context: The European Union’s approval this week of new deforestation regulations poses a threat to Indian exports of items like coffee, leather, paper and wooden furniture. The regulation is part of a larger trend of “demand-side” restrictions, in which major consumers of agricultural commodities […]

Falling of Airline sector in India

Context: Go first passenger airline has filed for bankruptcy protection recently. Why Airlines are facing problems? Challenges faced by Aviation sector in India Aviation Industry scenario Industry trend Government Initiatives Way forward Here are some proposals that the government could look at closely to […]

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