Should impartial and being non-partisan be considered as indispensable qualities to make a successful civil servant? Discuss with illustrations.

Sample Answer


A successful civil servant upholds the vision and promise of the constitution – justice, equality, freedom and fraternity.


In the present socio-political context when there is tussle over reservation in education and employment, disagreement over core social values, interstate water dispute, displacement and resettlement for developmental project, increasing unemployment, loss of political ideology etc., public impartiality and political non-partisanship have become far more important.

Implications of public impartiality:

  • It brings credibility and trustworthiness in the relation between public and government organisations.
  • It enables a civil servant to ask appropriate questions, however grand the person or organisation with which he is dealing.
  • It is a defence against the senior or public figure who might otherwise expect a civil servant to give them priority or special treatment. For example, a local businessman having close association with ruling party may ask you for the favour (giving him police protection).
  • It helps the civil servant to maintain the queue i.e. treating people on first come, first serve basis. For example, all people are treated alike during present demonetisation drive. It prevents injustice to those who belong to the lower rung of the society.

Implications of political non-partisanship:

  • public confidence in the non-political character of civil services,
  • High morale of civil servants as promotions, transfers and other services


In fact it is the corrosion of these values which has led to corruption, injustice and absence of public service which is central to any administrative system.

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