Artillery Weapon System of India


  • In the aftermath of the Kargil War of 1999 India announced its Artillery Rationalisation Programme
  • India has a 2-front porous border of 7000-odd kms and 4000-odd kms with China and Pakistan respectively.
  • The operational requirement to fight a 2-front war is 3000-odd artillery guns in addition to aerial weapons, precision-guided weapons, multi-barrel rocket launches etc.
  • The categories of artillery systems include
  • Long-range guns of towed variety
  • Self-propelled guns mounted on a high-mobility vehicle (K9 Vajra)
  • Light howitzers for difficult mountainous terrains. (M777 howitzers)


  • 1st indigenously produced long-range artillery gun.
  • The 155mm 45 caliber long-range artillery gun
  • 2 varieties
  • Towed-variety
  • Self-propelled mounted gun system variety
  • 6-round magazine.
  • Capable of firing 60 rounds in 60 minutes.
  • Maximum firing range of 38 km in the plain areas

K9 Vajra T Guns

  • South Korean long-range artillery gun in the self-propelled mounted gun category.
  • It has a range of 28-38 km.
  • 155-mm, 52-calibre
  • 1st ever-artillery gun that will be manufactured by private sector in India with L & T India manufacturing 90 of them.
  • Capable of ‘burst firing’ meaning which it can fire 3 rounds in 30 seconds

M777 Ultra Light Howitzers

  • 155-mm, 39-calibre towed medium artillery gun.
  • Maximum range of 30 km.
  • Light artillery guns with a weight of 4 tonnes
  • Capable of being air lifted by Chinook helicopters.
  • Thus M777 can be deployed in mountainous terrains devoid of roads & tracks.


  • Indigenous Artillery Gun
  • 155 mm
  • Range:  Increased from 12 km to 39 km 

Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System

  • 155mm, 52-calibre gun-howitzer.
  • It is capable of firing at both low angle like a gun and high angle like a howitzer
  • Range: 45 Km
  • World’s only gun with a six-round automated magazine.
  • High “burst fire” capability in that it can fire six-round burst in just 30 seconds.
  • Other features
    • all-electric drive
    • high mobility
    • quick deployability
    • auxiliary power mode
    • Automated command and control system
  • India’s Artillery Combat Command and Control System is named ‘Shakti’
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