Probity is essential for an effective system of governance and socio-economic development.’ Discuss.

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Probity originates from the Latin word ‘probitas’, meaning good. It is the quality of having strong moral principles and strictly following them.


Probity in Governance is concerned with upholding procedural uprightness, regardless of the individuals manning these institutions. It involves adopting an ethical and transparent approach, allowing the process to withstand scrutiny.

Role of Probity in ensuring effective Governance and Socio-economic development:

  • Foremost, it helps build up the legitimacy of the system, i.e. the state. It builds trust in the institutions of the state and a belief that the actions of the state will be for the welfare of the beneficiaries.
  •  It leads to the avoidance of sub-optimal outcomes, corruption and poor perception through the values of honesty like Ashok Khemka.
  • It ensures justice to the subjects through the values of fairness and transparency like implementing RTI in letter and spirit.
  • It helps in checking the abuse and misuse of power by various organs of government by creating a sense of duty and accountability among the public servants.
  • It can help in improving the work culture through the values of cooperation, tolerance, efficiency etc. like ISRO.


Thus it can be concluded that value of probity is crucial to attain maximum good to maximum number.

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