Class 12 NCERT Books PDF Download for UPSC Preparation

class 12th ncert book pdf download

UPSC examination is one of the most prestigious and competitive exams in India. To excel in this examination, comprehensive study materials are essential. The Class 12 NCERT books are a valuable resource for UPSC aspirants as they provide a strong foundation and in-depth knowledge on various subjects.

Class 12 NCERT Books PDF

Rau’s Compass provides a one-stop solution for all aspirants to download class 12 NCERT books of History, Art and culture, geography, Polity (political science), Economics, Biology, and Sociology.

History & Culture


Polity (Political Science)




These books, with their well-structured content, alignment with the UPSC syllabus, and clarity of language, will greatly aid in your preparation for the UPSC examination.


Why 12th class NCERT book is important?

The 12th class NCERT books are important for UPSC and other competitive exams because they provide a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the most important topics in each subject. The books are written by subject experts and are revised regularly to ensure that they cover the latest syllabus and trends. The language of the books is clear and concise, making them easy to understand even for those with a limited background in the subject.

Is it important to read the class 12 NCERT of Polity?

The book on Indian Polity is considered to be one of the most important books for UPSC preparation. It provides a comprehensive overview of the Indian political system, including the constitution, the government, and the judiciary.

Is it important to read the class 12 NCERT of Economics?

The book on Economics is also considered to be very important for UPSC preparation. It covers a wide range of topics, such as economic growth, development, and policy.

Is it important to read the class 12 NCERT of History?

The book on History is important for UPSC preparation because it provides a chronological overview of Indian & World history. This is essential for understanding the context of current events and policies.

how can i download 12th class NCERT book pdf ?

There are a few ways to download 12th class NCERT book PDFs. One way is to go to the official NCERT website, Another way to download 12th class NCERT book PDFs is to use a third-party website. There are many websites that offer free PDFs of NCERT books, including Compass by Rau’s IAS (

For Polity (UPSC), is it mandatory to study the NCERT books first or just start over with Laxmikanth?

Whether or not it is mandatory to study the NCERT books first for Polity (UPSC) before starting with Laxmikanth depends on your individual learning style and preparation strategy. Some Students find that reading NCERT books first provides them with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Indian polity, which aids in their comprehension of Laxmikanth’s more in-depth analysis. Others believe that they can skip NCERT books and proceed directly to Laxmikanth, as long as they are willing to put in the additional effort to learn the material on their own.

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