Socio-Economic Conditions During Vijayanagar Empire

  • Sangama rulers were mainly Saivaites and Virupaksha was their family deity.
  • Changing role of Brahmanas: they became in-charge of major forts of the empire. They joined empire as administrators and accountants.
  • Diamond mines were in Kurnool and Anantapur district.
  • Chief gold coin was varaha or pagoda. Perta was half a Varaha. Tar was a silver coin. Jittal was a copper coin.
  • Chief items of export were cotton, silk, spices, rice, saltpetre and sugar. The imports consisted of horses, pearls, copper, coral etc.
  • The art of shipbuilding had developed.
  • Women: Only empire in Medieval India which employed women in state services. Women even went to battles. Widow remarriage was promoted.
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