• He was 13th century philosopher who contributed to the development of Shaiva Siddhanta School. His literary work ‘Siva Jnana Bodham’ in Tamil is the basis on Saiva Siddhanta thought.

Shaiva Siddhanta

  • It was religious philosophy that originated in Tamil Nadu during Imperial Chola dynasty where Shiva is worshipped as supreme deity.
  • Fourteen texts collectively called Saiva Siddhanta Sastram, form the core philosophy of Saiva Siddhanta.
  • It is a dualistic philosophy based on the idea of pati-pashu-pasha. Shiva (pati) being the lord and souls/individuals (pashu) are eternally distinct, divine entities. The rest of universe i.e., soul’s bondage (pasa/pasha) is also real but inanimate. Acts of service, good conduct, worship and spiritual discipline makes pashu earn grace of pati and helps him free from bondages.
  • Earlier foundation of Shaivism was based on 28 Agamas. However, Southern Saiva Siddhanta developed on its own independent path.
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