• Timeline: 1605-27 AD
  • He rebelled against Akbar and established an independent court at Allahabad. Later, on death of Akbar, he was coronated successor to Akbar.
  • Pelsaert came during his reign.
  • His wife Nur Jahan along with her father formed a junta which managed Jahangir. She built Itimaduddauala tomb in remembrance of her father which had pietra dura decoration.
  • Changes in Mansabdari System: He maintained a large quota of troopers without raising their zat ranks known as Du-aspah and Si-aspah system. Average salary paid to a sawar was reduced.
  • Religious developments: Beheaded Fifth Sikh Guru Arjun. (First Sikh Guru to be martyred by Mughals). He had deep faith in dargah of Moinuddin Chishti at Ajmer and wore pearl earrings as mark of his devotion. He had deep faith in Vaishnav ascetic Gosain Jadrup.
  • Jahangir, in his Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri, recorded his observations and experiments of weeding and hybridisation. He described about thirty-six species of animals.
  • His court artists, especially Mansur, produced elegant and accurate portraiture of animals.
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