What were the major teachings of Guru Nanak? Explain their relevance in the contemporary world

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Guru Nanak was a spiritual teacher who played a great role in moral awakening through his teaching.


  • Nam japna, kirt karna and vand chakhna: Basis of right belief and worship, honest living and helping others which promotes idea of collectivism in society.
  • Equality of all Humans: Guru Nanak preached the equality of all humans regardless of their caste, creed, or social status. He rejected the caste system and emphasized that all people are equal in the eyes of God.
  • Promoted virtue of compassion: He advocated charity and compassion in individuals which manifests in ‘Pangat’ (community kitchen), where people of all backgrounds sit and eat together as equals.
  • Selfless Service (Seva): Guru Nanak encouraged selfless service to humanity. We are expected to engage in acts of kindness and service to others. E.g., Oxygen langar in the time of Covid-19 Crisis.
  • The pursuit of active life with a strong sense of social commitment. E.g., Philanthropic activities carried out by the corporates, and compassionate capitalism of Tata Group.


In a time when there is a religious disconnect in life of people, Guru Nanak’s teachings guide a way to practically attain summum bonum for us.

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