It is believed that adherence to ethics in human actions would ensure in smooth functioning of an organization/system. If so, what does ethics seek to promote in human life? How do ethical values assist in the resolution of conflicts faced by him in his day-to-day functioning?

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Ethics is the branch of philosophy that involves a systematic study of human actions from the point of view of their rightfulness or wrongfulness.


What does ethics seek to promote in human life?

  • Living a life of dignity and self-respect. This inculcates integrity, the shield against corruption.
  • Taking the right decision to avoid inner dissonance, conflict and crisis of conscience.
  • Developing the right perception of a good life.
  • Helps in the realization that, ‘life without interdependence does not make any sense’, as exclaimed by Erik Ericksen.
  • Fraternity, cooperation and social cohesion.
  • Acts as source of guidance in human behavior:
    • ‘Moral agent’ of Immanuel Kant
    • ‘Rational creature of Aristotle’
    • Speaking truth to power as exhorted by Socrates.
    • ‘Nishkama karma’ of Bhagavat Gita

How do ethical values assist in the resolution of conflicts?

  • Value of tolerance, empathy and compassion helps in understanding and accommodating others.
  • Emotional intelligence helps in persuasion
  • Dedication helps in bringing change using innovation


Decision-making is always a contentious job, but if the decision involves fundamental values, we can minimise conflicts and take a decision that is in the best interest of society.

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