Impact of digital technology as reliable source of input for rational decision making is a debatable issue. Critically evaluate with suitable example.

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Rational decision making is taking decision based on facts and information, without bias and prejudice. Availability of correct information is the basis of rational decisions making process.


As an individual, we may accept the words which are printed in media or social media or publication by an authority in a particular field. Most of us do not or cannot verify the truth as presented on various platforms. Due to this, social media has emerged as a double-edged sword. With the rise of fake news, deep-fakes and other tools of misinformation, society at large has paid a huge cost for this:

  • Damaging the cognition
  • Erosion of value of tolerance
  • Lack of trust in the society
  • Negative attitude and hatred
  • Spread of rumours
  • Bullying and trolling
  • Deception and fraud
  • Riots and lynching
  • Manipulation, social engineering

However technology is said to be value neutral. We must develop scientific temperament and spirit of enquiry to give effect to value of objectivity. Emotional intelligence is essential to manage the passion raised in social media platforms. Digital technology provides various information like surveys like census, NFHS etc; promotion of Covid appropriate behaviour.

Steps can be taken to minimize the damage

  • Timely cross checking of information
  • promote news literacy and strong professional journalism
  • Establish regulatory mechanism for social media platforms
  • Reduce financial incentives or penalize those who profit from disinformation,
  • Improve online accountability
  • Individuals must take responsibility of checking things before accepting or spreading.


The digital technology can provide information but objectivity of decisions is also based on human values, attitudes and conscience.

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