How will I2U2 (India, Israel, UAE and USA) grouping transform India’s position in global politics?

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I2U2 is a non-security mechanism for cooperation on development issues between four countries – I2 – India and Israel, U2 – USA and UAE. Focusing on six key areas of cooperation, i.e. health, water, transportation, food security, space and energy.


Geo-Political Context

  • Normalization of Arab-Israel ties meditated by the US under the Abraham Accords.
  • Ukraine crisis leading to Food Security challenges, and rising Oil prices.
  • Increased Chinese influence in West Asia.
  • Russia – China – Iran axis.
  • UAE’’s focus on creating a Post–Hydrocarbon Economy.   

I2U2 Transforming India’s Position in Geo-Politics

  • US and West Asian countries are realising the importance of India to handle regional issues.
  • Highlights India’s Multilateral engagement in Minilaterals like QUAD.
  • Taps ‘unique array of capabilities, knowledge and experience’ of all four members of the I2U2.
  • Strategic focus of I2U2 aligns with India’s goal to counter Chinese penetration into the West Asia.
  • Strengthens Bilateral relations of India– Israel, UAE and USA are strategic partners
  • India is engaging on areas of convergence without letting geo-political dilemma overshadow such engagement.
  • Energy Politics – Leading to Food Security challenges, and rising Oil prices.
  • Climate Change – Low carbon Development Infrastructure – Renewable energy projects.
  • Geo- Economics –
    • Infrastructure for Food Processing in India which will boost Agri-Exports from India.
    • Economic Benefits for India – Commodity exports, Boost Farmer income.
      • Such expertise can be extended to the Manufacturing sector in future by developing logistics and infrastructure
      • Boost India’s start – up ecosystems.
      • The technology and infrastructure hubs like Abu Dhabi and Dubai will boost the financing and technology for the start-ups.


From looking west to secure energy interests, the approach has expanded to think West and to act west as visible in the recent institutionalization of I2U2.

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