How is S-400 air defence system technically superior to any other system presently available in the world?

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The S-400 (Triumf) is a mobile long range surface-to-air missile (LR-SAM) system developed by Russia. India has engaged with Russia for the purchase of 5 S-400, missile defence system. 


S-400 are superior to other missile defence system available in the world as: 

More powerful –

  • It also, It has the capacity to simultaneously engage 36 targets. 
  • It can protect a much larger area, as compared to Iron Dome used by Israel.

Better technology – 

The system’s acquisition radars can even detect stealth-protected aircraft by operating in multiple frequency bands to ‘see’ them.

  • It can protect a much larger area, as compared to Iron Dome used by Israel. 

Faster – 

  • S-400 can be deployed in 5 mins, as compared to 25 minutes taken by Patriot. The highest speed of S-400 at 4.8 km/sec, surpassing Patriot’s 1.38 km/sec.

Fool-proof – 

  • It comes with an electronic counter-countermeasures to thwart any jamming attempts by the enemies.

Cheaper – 

  • It is a fraction of the cost of its western counterparts such as THAAD or patriot.

Innovative features – 

  • S-400 is also capable of engaging other aerial targets, like UAVs etc.


With India facing two inimical neighbors in its western and eastern borders, a possibility of two-front engagement cannot be denied. In this light even though, purchase of S-400 runs the risk of attracting US sanctions under CAATSA, it is indispensable for India’s strategic/tactical needs.

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