Explain the purpose of the Green Grid Initiative launched at World Leaders Summit of the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November, 2021. When was this idea first floated in the International Solar Alliance (ISA)?

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Green Grid Initiative (One Sun One World One Grid) is India’s (along with UK’s) initiative to build a global ecosystem of interconnected renewable energy resources. Its motto is “Sun Never Sets”. Variability and intermittency of renewable energy-based power generation are key concerns in nations with large-scale renewable energy potential.


Purpose of the program

  • Investing in solar, wind, storage, and other renewable energy generating in places where renewable resources abound in order to sustain a global grid.
  • Long-distance cross-border transmission lines to link renewable energy providers and demand centers across continents are being built.
  • Modernizing power systems and supporting green grids by developing and deploying pioneering methodologies and technology.
  • Supporting the global transition to zero emission vehicles through incorporating the role of electric vehicles to help improve grid flexibility.

This idea was first floated in the International Solar Alliance 2018 by Prime Minister of India proposed “One Sun, One World, One Grid” for interconnected solar energy infrastructure at global scale.


However, the project will need to resolve issues related to cost sharing among various countries, Geo-Politics (India-Pakistan, Saudi-Iran) and Multiple Jurisdiction (leading to disparate standards).

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