Explain the constitutional provisions under which Legislative Councils are established. Review the working and current status of Legislative Councils with suitable illustrations.

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Legislative Council being the second house of deliberations in the state, is being considered to be constituted by states like West Bengal, Assam and Rajasthan.  


Constitutional Provisions for Legislative Council:        

  • Article 169 – empowers the Parliament to create or abolish LC in a state if State Legislative Assembly passes a resolution by a majority of the total membership of the Assembly and by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members present and voting.  
  • Article 171 provides for composition of LC where total members shall not exceed one-third of the total members in the Legislative Assembly but cannot be less than 40.  
  • Article 172 (2) – makes LC a permanent body not subject to dissolution; but one-third of its members shall retire every second year.
  • Article 182 – Members of LC shall choose two members from the Council as Chairman and Deputy Chairman.
• Acts as a second chamber for discussion depicting bicameralism at the state level.

• LC acts as an institution of checks and balance on every Bill and prohibits hasty, defective, careless & ill-considered legislation thereby allowing for revision.

• Ensures Diverse Representation by facilitating representation of professionals and experts who cannot face direct elections.
• Does not provide effective check on law making process and constitutionally can only delay the bill by 4 months.

• Serve as parking space for defeated politicians or those who did not receive ministerial berth.Eg: West Bengal.

• Unnecessary delay in law making without substantial power including no powers on Money Bill.

• Extra expenditure of government’s resources and hence taxpayers’ money.


Role of the Legislative Council should be re-conceptualized to act as representation for the local governments as suggested by Second Administrative Reform Commission.

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