Identification and Realisation of Aptitude

Aptitude tests help you to identify the aptitudes that you possess. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Informal: By teachers, friends, relatives etc ex. M. S. Dhoni was identified by his teacher. He saw one day Dhoni acting as a goalkeeper and then he realised that Dhoni has a good aptitude for stopping the ball and decided to use it in the game of cricket.
  2. Formal: Multiple aptitude tests have been devised. You can take the test online or at the centre.
    • Watson Glaser critical thinking test-This test highlights five categories of questions: assumptions, interpretations, deductions, inferences, and argument evaluation. The basis for this test is to identify a person’s ability to reason critically and make subjective conclusions.
    • Verbal reasoning test-A verbal reasoning test assesses an individual’s ability to understand written texts. Additionally, in the hiring process, applicants are given a series of questions to provide answers to base on a passage they have read. It helps to determine a person’s ability to interpret written information and give accurate conclusions on what has been written.
    • Numerical reasoning test- This test ascertains an individual’s aptitude for numbers, and it helps to assess a person’s ability to solve and interpret mathematics data such as graphs, percentages, fractions, etc. It is a common test for accounting, economics, and computer programming jobs.
    • Inductive reasoning test-This test involves individuals studying patterns to determine the next logical step. It assesses a person’s logical capacity and ability to make conclusions by studying a series of events or existing information.
    • Situational judgment test- This is one of the most common tests during the recruitment process. It is a test that analyses an individual’s ability to take the right approach towards work-related problems or situations with colleagues, superiors, or employers. In other words, the test assesses an individual’s approach and judgment skills from his answer to the situational-based questions in the test.
    • Diagrammatic test- The diagrammatic test helps ascertain a person’s ability to think and reason logically. Employers conduct this test by presenting a sequence of activities from which applicants make logical injunctions. It also helps determine an individual’s ability to learn new things quickly.
    • Cognitive test This helps to determine an individual’s general intelligence quotient and problem-solving abilities.

Aptitude Realisation

Realising one’s talent requires three things –

1. Correct identification of aptitude

2. Resolve to pursue aptitude.

3. Socio-cultural and economic attitude.

All three are important and even if two are present to a lesser degree but one is dominant then success can happen. Eg – M.F. Hussain, Kapoor family film etc.

Niti Aayog has come up with an Action Plan to achieve 50 Olympic Medals. The plan includes catching children young, based on aptitude, and giving them training.

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