Relation between Aptitude and the other Qualities

  • Aptitude will help us to learn things in the future Hritik Roshan in childhood (Aasha movie as a child artist at age of 6)
  • Ability is something we have learnt in present. (kaho naa pyar hai, the first movie with a lead hero)
  • Skill is something we have learnt in the past and have mastered in it.

Aptitude and Intelligence

Intelligence is the capacity of the individual to think rationally, act purposefully and deal effectively with his environment.

Only MentalBoth Physical and Mental
General, can be in any fieldAptitude is specific to a particular area
Can be both innate and naturalOnly innate

Aptitude + Attitude+ Opportunity = Altitude

Mental and physicalOnly metal
Will decide what one will do in lifeWill decide how one will do it or whether one will do it or not.
Associated with competenceAssociated with character

Which is more important aptitude or attitude?

 Aptitude is dormant in nature. One will only be able to use aptitude only if he/she has the right attitude. Eg – Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli. Kambli has greater aptitude than Sachin but was not very successful because of his improper attitude.

Aptitude and interest

Interest is liking and having positive emotions towards anything regardless of skill or aptitude.

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