Aptitude for Civil Services

Some experts believe that civil servants must have three kinds of aptitude: Intellectual, Emotional, and Moral. These aptitudes make the civil servant capable of acquiring professional values.

  1. Intellectual Aptitude would ensure that the respective civil servants would think rationally, act purposely and deal effectively with their environment. Thus, it can be regarded as a means-oriented aptitude.
  2. Emotional Aptitude would ensure his effective conduct with colleagues, subordinates and the public at large. Thus, it may be regarded as a behaviour-oriented aptitude.
  3. Moral Aptitude includes desirable values, such as justice, empathy, compassion etc. This is also called Foundational Values for Civil Services and would ensure that civil servants perform their duties not only efficiently but also effectively, upholding the public interest. Thus, it may be regarded as end-oriented aptitude.
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