Do you think marriage as a sacrament is loosing its value in Modern India?

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In modern times, the notion of marriage as a sacred institution is encountering shifting perspectives. As society undergoes rapid urbanization, globalization, and shifts in social dynamics, the traditional view of marriage as a sacrament faces new challenges, which are as follows:


  • Growing individualism reflects a shift towards personal freedom and choice in marriage decisions. People today may prioritize their individual happiness, compatibility, and personal goals over conforming to traditional expectations. 
  • Emergence of alternatives such as live-in relationships and single-parent families through adoption or other means, highlights a broader acceptance of diverse family structures in India. 
  • Reduced stigma around divorce and separation allows individuals to end unhappy or unhealthy marriages, promoting personal well-being and autonomy. 
  • Rising aspirations among youth: Pursuing education, careers, and personal development sometimes takes precedence over early or arranged marriages. People aspire to achieve personal and professional goals before committing to marriage.

Marriage is still sacrament in Indian society, due to following reasons:

  • Base of family: Marriage is seen as the institution through which families are formed and sustained. The family is the fundamental building block of Indian culture, and marriage plays a central role in its establishment.
  • Continuity of Lineage: As marriage is seen as a means to ensure the continuity of one’s family and traditions, reinforcing its sacramental value.
  • Religious Significance: The rituals and customs associated with marriage emphasizes the spiritual significance of this institution.


Marriage in India is experiencing a dynamic interplay between tradition and modernity. It is not necessarily losing its value, but rather adapting to the diverse needs and desires of a rapidly changing society.

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