Discuss the main objectives of Population Education and point out the measures to achieve them in India in detail.

Sample Answer


Population education is an educational programme which provides for a study of the population situation like its size, structure, density, growth, trend and consequences arising out of these changes.



  • To develop rational attitudes, values and skills among people for taking responsible decisions and actions regarding population related issues and improvement of quality of life.
  • To target the population below 14 years of age, which constitutes the adult population in the coming years as a potent source of fertility. This age group is ignored by the normal family planning programmes that aim at population in the reproductive age group.

Measures to achieve these objectives:

  • Population education should be part of school curriculum.
  • Creating awareness about contraceptives and providing wider and affordable choice of contraceptives for both men and women to enable them to take informed choices.
  • Facilities for safe abortion should be strengthened and expanded.
  • Avoid coercive family planning methods and adopt methods like tax incentives, Insurance benefits to incentivise and promote small family norm.
  • Wider coverage of Beti bachao beti padhao (BBBP) and Sukanya samridhi schemes to tackle Son-meta preference.
  • Increasing female literacy is the best contraception to check the population growth. According to Sample registration system of RGI, Bihar has the highest percentage of illiterate women (26.8%) and highest fertility rate (3.2) whereas Kerala has the lowest percentage of illiterate women (0.7%) and one of the lowest TFR of 1.7.


Given the relevance of population education to tackle ill effects of population growth and improve quality of life, Union government has made population education an integral part of National population policy.

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