Discuss the desirability of greater representation to women in the higher judiciary to ensure diversity, equity and inclusiveness.

Sample Answer


Inadequate women representation across judicial offices (30%-subordinate judiciary, 11.5% and 12% in High Court and Supreme Court respectively) has prompted CJI to back 50% women reservation in judicial offices at all levels to ensure diversity, equity and inclusiveness. 


Need for desirability of women representation: 

  • Address prevailing gender imbalance.
  • Gender sensitisation of judicial orders – addressing rights of women
  • Improve gender specific infrastructure within Court premises – separate toilets for women.       
  • Ensure women empowerment in the judicial arena.    
  • Encourage women to pursue law as a career choice.     
  • Improve ratio of women law graduates and women judges. 


  • Appointments for higher judiciary are not uniform across India.    
  • Reservation must meet the goal of social justice.      


  • Women Reservation Bill needs to be reintroduced providing reservation to women across judicial offices.
  • Provide economic assistance to women in pursuing law degree
  • Promoting women advocates in state bar councils.
  • Provide reservation for women in All India Judicial Service.


Greater representation of women across judicial hierarchies will help to achieve constitutional goals of social and economic justice along with SDG-5 and 10 – gender equality and reduced inequalities.

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